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Malta observations (construction work, asylum seekers, St Julians gentlemans clubs)

1/ There are cranes almost everywhere you look in Malta. Look down almost any street and you are likely to see one or more cranes. In some areas like Attard entire roads are closed with building work. So much construction work going on surely giving work to many.
2/ The black asylum seekers do not seem to be hanging around so much. I assume they have been given construction work. Also agricultural work available. And the guys doing garbage collection seem to generally be black. They manage to do the job almost running in between garbage pickups. But employment rights and conditions look to be harsh. I read that one refuse collector in Gozo got fired because he took a day off sick.
3/ I further researched the goings on outside the "gentlemans clubs" in St Julians. There are around 6 or 7 expensive hotels close to the centre of St Julians. I stayed in the Intercontinental Hotel for around 160 euros per night but for the money the facilities were quite poor. I guess it is expensive because it is St Julians. Yes St Julians has 2 casinos, restaurants, a bowling alley and a cinema but right at the heart of St Julians is the defining line of about 6 "gentlemans clubs" along a pedestrianised walk connecting one end of St Julians to the other. It is difficult to walk round avoiding this walk, you need to walk up round by the Dragonara hotel as a detour. Anyway I took the Dragonara route to get to the other end of St Julians from the Intercontinental Hotel one evening. There were six policemen standing at the top end of the "gentlemans clubs" pedestrian walk. There were female "coaxers" in view to entice punters into the clubs but they looked to be fairly innocuous. Anyway I though I would brave the pedestrian walk to go back to the hotel rather than go than go the long way round by the Dragonara. The first set of "coaxers" just made some suggestive remarks as I walked past. But as I went on, the "coaxers" for the other "gentlemans clubs" were much more forceful - too far away be seen by the police. At one narrow point, three female "coaxers" stood in a line blocking my way so I had to barge past them. At another point my arm was grabbed (this happened to me when I visited a few months earlier). I saw one "coaxer" in a skimpy dress completely wrap her arms around a pedestrian as he walked along - he managed to brush her off. The first time I heard about these "gentlemans clubs" last year I immediately looked them up on Google reviews. The reviews were appalling and spelt out you were almost certain to get scammed. The clubs invest so much time and effort trying to coax punters in, they are obviously going to screw the poor punter for as much they can get away with. It is straight forward coercion and it is shocking. They hope especially to manipulate a would be punter who has already had a few drinks thus would have diminished judgement, and had not seen the shocking Google reviews. I only saw very few punters go into the clubs so they are bound to get screwed for every penny possible to help financially support the clubs. It is difficult to understand why the nearby hotels and restaurants do not insist on a crackdown on these "coaxers". The hotels still somehow manage to be expensive although surely some people must stay away because of St Julians' reputation. If the "gentlemans clubs" were there but without the "coaxers" it wouldnt be half as bad. I did see an edict some time go that there should just be only one "coaxer" per club but that seems to have been forgotten about. It is difficult to understand how the "gentlemans clubs" manage to get enough feckless punters in to survive. The "gentleman's clubs" are open from 10pm to 4am. They might actually get more punters if they cut out all the coercion and the time and effort they spend doing it. The "coaxers" wouldnt have to paid by the clubs for standing outside coaxing for up to 6 hours each night. Would also improve St Julians' reputation. Madness.
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A not-so-brief rundown of letters J-L of Jeffrey Epstein's 'Little Black Book'

Below is a rundown of letters J-L of Epstein's contacts. Last year, I wrote about letters A-C. You can check that out here (
I also wrote about letters D-F on July 5, 2020. You can check that out here (
I posted letters G-I on July 13, 2020. You can check that out here ( There are some misspelled names. Epstein entered their names like this.
I have bolded some of the more interesting connections and information, but there could be much more that I overlooked. I hope something here strikes an interest in someone and maybe we can get more investigations out of this. Please, if you know anything more about any of these people than what is presented here, post below. I am working off of the unredacted black book found here:
Jackson, Michael (Samuel Gen): Yes, this is a reference to MJ the singer. However, the numbers listed are not MJ’s. They belong to Samuel Gen, a lawyer for a financial advisor (Jerry Seinfeld’s brother-in-law) who worked for MJ for a while. This one was a reach for Epstein.
Jacobson, Julian: Likely a reference to a Managing Director at several London-based investment firms.
Jagger, Mick: World-famous lead singer of the Rolling Stones. Has been seen in photographs with Ghislaine Maxwell. Actress Rae Dawn Chong claims she slept with Jagger when she was 15 years old.
Jagger, Hatti: Former fashion director for Vogue, Harper’s, and Tatler. Also works as a celebrity stylist and at fashion shows.
jake: Not enough info.
Jameel, Mohammed: Saudi Arabian businessman. CEO of Abdul Latif Jameel, a collective of family-owned businesses that specialize in transportation, investing, and real estate. Royal pervert Prince Andrew infamously partied on Jameel’s yacht during the 2011 London riots (source:
James, Susie: Founder and owner of 123 Send Ltd, a company that provides payment terminals.
Janklow, Linda: Literary agent and wife of Mort Janklow, the primary owner of Janklow & Nesbit Associates, the largest literary agency in the world. Attended a party hosted by Sony Pictures with Epstein, although they are not pictured together (source: In 2007, Ghislaine Maxwell threw an exclusive party (80 carefully selected guests) at her NYC townhouse to celebrate the opening of a new shop by designer Allegra Hicks (granddaughter-in-law of Earl Mountbatten, who you can read more about in my G-I Epstein thread under India Hicks’s name). One of the eighty guests was Julie Landlow, daughter of Linda and Mort.
Jarecki, Nancy & Andrew: Andrew is a filmmaker, co-founder of Moviefone, and was a producer on Catfish, the documentary that launched the popular MTV show. Andrew’s family was reportedly friends with Jeffrey Epstein. There is an EXCELLENT thread on the connections between the Jarecki family (especially Andrew and Nick’s father, Henry) and Epstein here (source: Quick summary: Henry was born in Nazi Germany; flew on the Lolita Express; is an expert in psychotropic drugs; owns two islands in the British Virgin Islands; founded the first youth center in the British Virgin Islands; lived 2 miles from Epstein in NYC; owns and donates to many sketchy foundations, schools, and organizations; has donated at least $1 million to leftist organizations). Andrew’s wife Nancy created bettybeauty, a company that specializes in hair dye for your nether regions (not kidding).
Jarecki, Nick: The movie director brother of Andrew and son of Henry Jarecki (see link under Andrew & Nancy Jarecki for more info). Reportedly dated Courtney Love (also in Epstein’s ‘Black Book’) in 2015. Photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell at a Gucci party (source:
Jason (canada): Not enough info. Could be artist Jason Wasserman based out of Canada. The second number listed traces back to Station 16 Gallery in Montreal.
Javier: Javier Banon is former Co-head of Merchant Banking at Lehman Brothers and current Founding Partner of Trilantic Europe.
Jeffries, Tim: Ownedirector of Hamiltons Gallery in London. Best known for dating models Elle Macpherson, Claudia Schiffer, Kylie Minogue and Sophie Dahl (also in Epstein’s ‘Black Book’). Jefferies has attended fundraisers for ARK Academy and the NSPCC. He truly cares about children.
Johnson, Richard & Nadine: Nadine is a millionaire public relations guru. Nadine is a good friend of Ghislaine Maxwell’s. Some clients of Nadine Johnson include spirit cooking extraordinaire Marina Abramovic and hotelier Andre Balazs, good friend of Ghislaine. Richard is one of the most well-known gossip columnists and was the editor of Page Six for twenty-five years. There is a great thread detailing the Johnsons’ ties to the Clintons, Balazs, and others here (source: Basically, Richard Johnson is friendly with the Clintons and, as Page Six Editor, purposely did not report or downplayed stories on the Clintons and Nadine’s clients. He also took bribes. Considering Nadine is a good friend of Ghislaine, it would not be a stretch to assume that Richard could have buried stories on Maxwell and Epstein. I could spend 10 pages on the shady connections these two have.
Johnson, Lucy: Not enough info.
Jones, Ann & Mick: Mick is the guitarist of Foreigner, an immensely popular rock band in the ‘70s and ‘80s. His wife, Ann, is a jewelry designer, and friend of Ghislaine. Ann Jones was photographed at a party with Ghislaine and Donald Trump in 1997 (source:
Josephson, Barry & Jackie: Barry is a producer and the former President of Production for Columbia Pictures. Jackie is his ex-wife and also a producer.
Karella, Kalliope: Wife of Prince Pierre d’Arenberg. Kalliope is a good friend of Ghislaine Maxwell.
Kastner, Ron: No info found.
Katz, Anton & Robin Plant: Anton is CEO and co-founder of Talos Trading, which specializes in cryptocurrency. Anton and Robin are friends of and have been photographed with Ghislaine (source:
Katzeneilenbogen, Mark: Long-time investment banker who used to be based out of South Africa.
Keeling, Sarah: There is a Sarah Keeling in London who is a former British government official with 20 years of experience in national security and intelligence experience, however, the phone number listed has a 410 area code, which leads back to eastern Maryland. Inconclusive.
Kegan, Rory: A nightclub designer and creator. Co-founder of the exclusive, celebrity-filled London nightclub, Chinawhite. Prince Andrew (source: and Prince Albert of Monaco are regulars. Chelsea Clinton has been there, as well (source: Other patrons include: Prince Andrew, Kate Middleton, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, and more.
Keidan, Amanda: Owner of Keidan Jewelry.
Keidan, Jon: An entertainment executive-turned-venture capitalist. As an entertainment exec, Keidan worked with John Legend, Dave Matthews Band, and Nappy Roots. Keidan serves on the Council of Foreign Relations, a powerful group that some believe determines foreign policy. Former and current members include former presidents, current and former politicians, business magnates, and celebrities (
Keller, Georgie: Interior designer.
Kellette Frayse, Caroline: Fashion editor at Vogue and Tatler (both magazines constantly come up in Epstein’s contacts). Former girlfriend of Imran Khan, whose name has come up frequently. Passed away in 2014. Her husband, Jean-Marc Fraysse, is a French investment banker.
Kelmenson, Leo-Arthur & Gayl: Leo was an advertising and marketing guru who has been credited with saving Chrysler. Friend and advisor to Lee Iacocca, former President of Chrysler. He worked as Special Project Officer for the U.S. Department of State under President John F. Kennedy and AG Robert F. Kennedy. He had tons of connections. His former maid accused him of sexual harassment in 2010 (source: Kelmenson died less than two months after the story came out.
Kennedy Cuomo, Andrew & Kerry: Andrew is the current governor of New York. It’s no secret that Cuomo is willing to look the other way on sexual deviancy as long as he receives a payoff. Cuomo halted a probe into the handling of Harvey Weinstein’s case in New York after receiving $25,000 from Weinstein’s law firm (source: Andrew’s brother, CNN Host Chris Cuomo famously told viewers “not to get caught up in the intrigue of who Epstein’s friends are” (source: Perhaps, he was covering for his brother. Kerry Kennedy is Cuomo’s ex-wife of fifteen years, the daughter of RFK, and a close friend of Ghislaine Maxwell. Supposedly, Kennedy provided Ghislaine with informal illegal advice (source:
Kennedy Jr. Ted: Son of Ted Kennedy and nephew of JFK and RFK. Ted Jr. dabbled in politics and currently works as a lawyer. His father, Ted, was a notorious sexual abuser (allegedly).
Kennedy, Bobby & Mary: Bobby is the son of RFK and nephew of JFK. Bobby is a known drug abuser and philanderer. Bobby kept a sex journal detailing his conquests while he was married (source: His ex-wife, Mary, committed “suicide” two years after their divorce. Before committing suicide, Mary told a friend that she “feared for her life” and Bobby told her that she “would be better off dead” (source:
Kennedy, Ethel: Widow of RFK Sr. and mother of eleven, including Bobby Kennedy, Kerry Kennedy, and Joseph Kennedy II.
Kennedy, Jo: Joseph Kennedy II is the son of RFK Sr. and Ethel. Served in the House of Representatives from 1987-1999. In 1973, Joseph was convicted of negligent driving after paralyzing a young woman. He was fined $100.
Kennedy, Senator Edward: Brother of JFK and RFK, Ted Kennedy served as U.S. Senator of Massachusetts for 47 years. Besides politics, Ted is best known for the Chappaquiddick incident in which a young female speechwriter for RFK drowned to death when he lost control of his vehicle while driving across a bridge. He was charged with leaving the scene of an incident and given a two month suspended sentence. Ted was also notorious for his extramarital affairs. Senator Kennedy once hosted a party at his house attended by Bill Clinton and Lynn Forester de Rothschild. Rothschild wrote a letter to Clinton afterwards in which she mentions that they spoke about Epstein (source: It is unclear what was said or what Rothschild’s connection could possibly be.
Kersner, Sol: South African accountant and hotel and casino magnate who died of cancer in 2020. Kerzner was a close friend of Donald Trump. They even worked together to create The Palm, a man-made island off the coast of Dubai (source: Kerzner was also close friends with Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (, Naomi Campbell (, and Bill Clinton ( Kerzner was very good friends with Nelson Mandela and built his casino resorts with Gerard Inzerillo, who you can read about in my G-I ‘Black Book’ thread.
Khayat, Antoine, Jana, & George: Jana is an heiress and businesswoman. Jana is the niece of Galen Weston, a close friend of Prince Charles. George is her brother and CEO of Associated British Foods. Jana’s husband, Antoine, is a former banker and currently runs their vineyard.
Kidd, Jemma: Kidd is a British makeup artist, fashion model, and aristocrat. Married to Arthur Wellesley, Earl of Mornington, the son of the Duke and Duchess of Wellington, making her a Countess. Kidd is an interesting figure with elite connections. From 2005-2012, Ghislaine Maxwell served as Director of Jemma Kidd Make-Up Limited, a U.K. makeup company, which was founded by Kidd. Not only did Ghislaine serve as Director, but she was also a shareholder, along with the Rothschild family (source: If you click around the PDFs on this website (, you can see everything. The 16 JUN 2006 PDF on page 3 shows you a list of Officers and shareholders of the company. Jemma Kidd has also attended charity events for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) ( Her sister, Jodie, is also a huge supportefundraiser of the NSPCC, as well as the Help a London Child and Monsoon Accessorize Trust charities, both of which help out disadvantaged children (source:
King, Abby: No info found.
Kirwin Taylor, Charlie & Helen: Charles is an investment banker. He was former CEO of Credit Suisse in Switzerland, an investment firm which shows up a few times through Epstein’s contacts. His wife, Helen, is a journalist.
Kirwin Taylor, Peter: British financier. Was a member of the Pilgrims Society (, a group that has included the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and other elites amongst its ranks.
Kissinger, Dr. Henry A: Former U.S. Secretary of State and National Security Advisor under Nixon. Kissinger has long been accused of committing war crimes (ex: carpet bombing Cambodia, installing fascist governments in Chile and Argentina, genocide, extending our stay in Vietnam, etc) yet somehow managed to win a Nobel Peace Prize in 1973. Kissinger once said, “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.” Kissinger served with Epstein on the Trilateral Commission. Kissinger has also been a member of the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Aspen Institute, and Bohemian Grove. Long thought to be an advocate for a globalist New World Order, Kissinger is a scumbag of the highest order. His connections with Gates, the Clintons, Bush Sr. and Jr., the Rockefellers, and the Rothschilds are well-documented. If anyone here has ever done any research regarding the NWO, you have undoubtedly seen Kissinger’s name several times.
Klee, Rupert & Charlotte de: Rupert is a Director with Oakridge Group, a property development and investment company. His wife, Charlotte, is the producer of the religious plays at Wintershall.
Klesch, Johnathan: Former Director of Klesch Trading, which specializes in industrial commodities. It has offices in Russia, Malta, Surrey, and in London, down the block from Buckingham Palace.
Koch, David: Co-founder of Koch Industries, a diversified manufacturing conglomerate. Koch Industries has stolen oil from Indian reservations, committed hundreds of polluting, labor, and workplace safety violations. When he ran on the Libertarian ticket as the vice presidential nominee in 1980, Koch aimed to abolish Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare benefits, and minimum wage. Koch and Epstein were friends. Epstein even attended a party at Koch’s Southampton home ( Koch has also been photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell ( Thankfully, Koch died last year.
Kohl, Astrid: A businesswoman involved in pharmaceuticals. Married to Prince Alexander of Liechtenstein. Daughter-in-law of Prince Philipp of Liechtenstein. Niece of former German Chancellor, Helmut Kohl.
Kotic, Boby: CEO of Activision Blizzard, a video game holding company. Used to run several electronic companies. From 2003-2008, he was a director at Yahoo! In 2012, he became a non-executive director of Coca-Cola.
Kotze, Alex Von: British businessman involved in the tech industry.
Kravetz, Anna: Not much info found. Has a degree in finance from Wharton School and used to live on Park Avenue in NYC.
Krooth, Caryn: A successful real estate agent based out of Los Angeles
Kudrow, Alistar: No info found.
Lal, Dalamal: Director of Akron Corp. & Akron (Nig.) Ltd., a food and beverage import company based out of Nigeria.
Lalaunis, Demetra: Daughter of Ilias Lalaounis, a pioneer in Greek jewelry and a world renowned goldsmith.
Lambert, Christopher: Well-known actor.
Lambert, David: Former partner, managing director, and VP at Goldman Sachs.
Lambert, Edward: Lampert is a billionaire hedge fund manager and former CEO of Sears. Lampert graduated from Yale University in 1984 where he was a member of Skull and Bones. Rumored pedophile David Geffen gave Lampert $200 million to invest in 1992, when Lampert was just 29 years old. Lampert made Geffen $1 billion.
Lambos Duff & John: Karen “Duff” Duffy is an actress, model, and TV personality. She has had memorable roles as the love interest in “Blank Check” and as JP Shay in “Dumb and Dumber.” Duffy has battled with sarcoidosis, a deadly central nervous system disease, since the mid-’90s. She credits Harvey Weinstein with saving her life ( John is a former banker with Morgan Stanley and current President of GCA-US, an investment banking company.
Lang, Caroline: An art expert and Chairman at Sotheby’s Switzerland.
Lange, Dieter: Former Partner at WilliamHare, an international law firm with offices in London, Berlin, the U.S., Beijing, and Brussels. Passed away in 2010.
Larsen Janet: The only one I can find is a Business Psychologist based out of London.
Laurie, Jonathan: Founder and CEO of Cheyne Capital Management, an alternate investment fund firm.
Lavlada, Laura D.B. de: Laura Diez Barroso is a Mexican businesswoman. She sold her stock in Televisa for $726 million in 1993. Since then, she has been the head of several other companies.
Lawford Christopher & Jean: Christopher was an actor and relative of the Kennedys. His uncles were JFK, RFK, and Ted Kennedy. Many of his relatives appear in Epstein’s ‘Black Book’. His first wife, Jeannie, was an ad-sales associate for New York Magazine.
Lawton Paul: Two British businessmen with the same name come up. Both have extensive resumes. Could be either one.
Lazar, Christopher & Marie: Christophe seems to be a realtor in Paris, but I am not completely sure.
Le Bon, Simon & Jasmine: Simon is the lead singer of Duran Duran. His wife, Yasmin, is/was a fashion model. Yasmin is represented by Models1 in London. Models1 also represents Epstein and Ghislaine’s friend, Naomi Campbell. Le Bon has been accused of sexual assault in the past (
Le Fur, Jean-Yves: French businessman and magazine creator. He was once Princess Stephanie of Monaco’s ex-fiance. More notably, Le Fur was the one who discovered supermodel Karen Mulder (his girlfriend at the time) on the floor after she attempted suciide. Mulder blew the lid off the rampant rape and sexual abuse that she and her modeling colleagues had suffered at the hands of businessmen, royalty, celebrities, and government officials. She was even the protege of Epstein collaborator (allegedly), Jean Luc Brunel (
Le Marg Willie: No info found.
Lea, Piers: CEO of Learning Technologies Group, a workplace digital learning company.
Leeds, Jeffrey: Co-founder and Managing Partner of Leeds Equity. One of Leeds Equity’s partner companies is Endeavor Schools, which runs private preschools, primary schools, and secondary schools in Florida and 11 other states ( They are also partners with Fusion Educational Group (now Fusion Academy), which runs a chain of private secondary schools ( Former teacher Kris White, now the head of Fusion Academy in Palo Alto, allegedly told a student that he was in love with her and wrote her a note saying he was “obsessed” with her. ( This story was just published on July 12, 2020. Hypothetically, if one wanted to procure underage children, it would certainly help if the head of the school was on board and possibly a pedophile himself. According to this former teacher at Fusion Academy, “many students struggle with learning differences, behavioral issues, and/or addictions” ( In other words, the downtrodden and vulnerable. Fusion Academy refers to itself as a non-traditional school that focuses on individual students. Seems like a great opportunity. Leeds was also good friends with Epstein ( and has close ties to Colin Powell and Rudy Giuliani (
Lefcourt, Jerry: Famous lawyer who defended Epstein in 2007. That same year, Epstein donated $250,000 to the Washington-based Foundation for Criminal Justice, where Lefcourt was a board member.
Lester, Dominick: Founder and owner of MortgageFlex Systems, a mortgage lending company.
Levine, Phillip: Ex-Miami Beach mayor and close friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton. He claims that he doesn’t know how Epstein got his contact information… all 13 phone numbers, including those of his driver and housekeepers (!
Liman, Doug: Popular Hollywood director and producer. He directed Swingers, The Bourne Identity, and a couple of Tom Cruise movies.
Lindeman-Barnet, Sloan & Roger: Sloan has been a New York Times bestseller and an on-air and print reporter for NBC, ABC, and Reuters. Sloan and Roger also sit on the board of the Spence School in New York City, a private K-12 all-girls school ( Her husband, Roger, is the founder of and Chairman and CEO of Shaklee, a highly successful nutrition company. Donald Trump, Melania Trump, and Ghislaine Maxwell all attended the publication party for Sloan’s book in 2008 ( ; guests included Steve Mnuchin, Epstein and Maxwell chum Carol Mack, and a bunch of others also featured in Epstein’s ‘Black Book’ (Colin Cowie, Anton and Robin Katz, and Vittorio Assaf).
Lindemann, Adam & Elizabeth: Adam is a billionaire investor and art gallery owner. Brother of Sloan (mentioned just above). Elizabeth is his ex-wife. She is often photographed with many other people mentioned in Epstein’s ‘Black Book.’
Lindemann, George(Sr.) & Freida: Now-deceased billionaire father of Sloan and Adam. George was the CEO and Chairman of Southern Union, a pipeline company and served as Vice President of the Metropolitan Opera Association of NYC. His wife, Frayda, is the President and CEO of the Metropolitan Opera.
Lindsay, Alex & Jaclyn: Alex is a war documentary maker who rents out his loft at the address Epstein has listed (
Lindsey, Ludovic: Racecar driver.
Lindsley, Blake: Actress who was in two movies directed by Doug Liman (also in Epstein’s book) - “Swingers” and “Getting In.”
Linley, David: Princess Margaret’s son, Queen Elizabeth II’s nephew, and first cousin of Prince Charles and Prince Andrew. Linley is a furniture maker and the 2nd Earl of Snowdon. He used to be the Chairman of Christie’s auction house in the UK.
Liogos, Babis: No info found, but one of the numbers traces back to Thylan Associates, a real estate and investment firm.
Lister, Paul: Likely the director of legal services and company secretary for Associated British Foods, or it could be a conservationist. Not sure which.
Livanos, Arriette: I believe this Arietta Livanos, wife of Greek shipping magnate, Stavros Livanos. Arietta passed away in 1986.
Lo Cascio, Robert: Founder and CEO of LivePerson, a tech company that develops conversational commerce. LoCascio was photographed with Ghislaine at an after party in 2012 (
Loeb, Alex: Alexandra is the daughter of John Loeb, former U.S. Ambassador to Denmark under Reagan and former Delegate to the United Nations. John Loeb was also a special advisor to Nelson Rockefeller. Alexandra is also a descendant of the Lehman family (Lehman Brothers). Alexandra graduated from Spence Day School for Girls (mentioned earlier under Sloan and Roger Lindemann-Barnett).
Lonsdale, Richard: British investment banker.
Lorenzoti, Eva Vivre: Founder of luxury online retailer, and is a TV spokesperson/personality. Good friend of Ghislaine Maxwell. Maxwell and a couple of Rockefellers were guests at her house for a dinner party in 2010 (
Lorimer, John & Lottie: John works as a private investor and as a realtor. His wife, Lottie, is an interior designer.
Louthan Guy J: Prolific British film producer and former boyfriend of actress Liz Hurley (also in Epstein’s book).
Love, Courtney: Famous drug addict, musician, and actress who likely killed her husband, Kurt Cobain. Courtney famously claimed that Prince Andrew showed up to her house late one night in 2000 looking for sex. She has since retracted this claim. The entries under Love’s name all say ‘Dana’ next to them. This is Courtney’s ex-boyfriend, Dana Giacchetto. Giacchetto was considered to be the “stockbroker to the stars” and was friends with JFK Jr, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, and many others. He ripped his clients off of millions. Even more telling, Giacchetto was involved in a sex abuse case against X-Men director Bryan Singer ( He died in 2016 after he partied too hard and overdosed (
Lowell, Ivana: Guinness heiress who wrote about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse while she worked at Miramax in her book back in 2010 ( She also dated Harvey’s younger brother, Bob.
Loyd Mark: No info found.
Lucas, Colin: The godfather of Boris Johnson, England’s current Prime Minister. Lucas is a British historian and university administrator. Served as Vice Chancellor of Oxford University from 1997-2004.
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AI of Growing Importance to Gaming Industry

AI of Growing Importance to Gaming Industry
The gambling industry is beginning to incorporate AI to enable advances, including in ways to try to help problem gamblers. (Credit: Getty Images)
Operators of casinos and online games are incorporating AI in efforts ranging from maximizing profits to helping problem gamblers.
The gaming industry is technically savvy, having integrated automation into its operations to gain efficiencies and offer conveniences to customers. Now AI is being applied to casinos and the gambling industry, in-person and online, enabling more advances such as allowing multiple users to play the same game at the same time from different locations.
Other advantages include ability to track compliance with online gambling regulations, collection of data on gambling preferences to enable predictions and deliver customized service to customers, according to a recent account in LA Progressive.
It might be difficult for operators to enhance the customer experience without the use of AI in the future, suggested a speaker at SBC Summit Barcelona – Digital, the Global Betting & Gaming Show, usually held in Barcelona but held online recently.
For sure what we are focusing on is to increase our customer experience, the winning experience, and that leads to revenue and revenue on the lower end. I’m not seeing operators managing their operations without the help of AI in the near future. Talking about revenues, I think it’s too much over the next three years with everything on the internet,” stated Américo Loureiro, director of the casino firm Solverde, a casino and hotel firm, in an account in CasinoBeats.
“Our plan is for the next three years to increase the AI on our operations and get benefits from this. We know that this is the very beginning, and we want to be on top of this because the ones that agree more with AI and manage AI will be the most successful operators.” he stated.
Startup Rootz was formed in 2018 by internet gaming (igaming) professionals intent on building an online gaming platform. “It was most definitely a strategic decision to place AI in the center of thought when we started designing the platform,” stated Edvinas Subacius, chief data officer of Rootz, speaking at the SBC event. “We know that we can increase player turnover or spending up to five per cent by doing recommendation engines. At the same time, we know that we increase their lifetime value between ten per cent to 20% so four times more than actual spending by applying AI to manage our bonus cost and promotional values.”
He suggested trying to weight the benefits of AI by a headcount measure of the number of operations the casino can get done per headcount, or how much additional revenue the headcount generates. Subacius stated that his company has 70 employees, “and we are running operations equal to other companies that have 300 to 500 employees. So the sooner you start with AI, and the closer it is to the heart of your mentality and your platform, it can create the efficiency of 100% or 1000% scale. It’s not 5% anymore.”
The gaming industry has been collecting data from customers and market for years, and now the industry is positioned to use AI and machine learning to advance business goals, suggested Steven Paton, business solutions advisor for BMIT Technologies, a multi-site data center provider in Malta. “The next step is definitely the transitional phase of utilizing big data and machine learning to push that further over the next five years,” Paton stated at the SBC event.
Norsk Tipping Constructively Works with Problem Gamblers
The risk that AI will more effectively target problem gamblers is recognized by Norsk Tipping, Norway’s state-owned gambling company, which is working with a software provider on behavioral analysis to help identify problem gamblers.
The 2.2 million customers of Norsk Tipping have passed identity checks and have gaming accounts, which track game-playing frequency and winnings received, enabling the company to set gaming limits if necessary. “This wealthy supply of data provides unique possibilities to exploit AI to prevent problem gambling. Norsk Tipping’s mandate is clear: the company shall act to prevent the negative consequences of gambling,” stated Tanja Sveen, advisor responsible for gambling for the company, on the blog of Norsk Tipping.
Machine learning can help expose risky gaming patterns and personalize preventive measures to reduce risk gambling, she suggested.
Norsk has been working with a gaming behavioral analysis tool from Playscan, a company founded to address issues around problem gambling. The analysis tool aims to expose risk-filled gaming patterns, provide the customer with feedback explaining the reasoning behind the risk assessment, and suggesting preventive measures where appropriate.
The first Playscan model was based on a number of self-assessments completed by customers. Those were used to develop the second-generation model, by comparing customer data from the first period to their responses to a self-assessment questionnaire for the second period, in order to train the model. “More than 60,000 completed self-assessments were used to develop the second generation of the Playscan model,” Sveen wrote.
Results so far have been positive. “The new model is clearly better than the previous one. It has a higher level of accuracy and the customer feedback shows a greater degree of agreement with the risk assessment,” she stated.
Proactively Calling Problem Gamblers
Norsk is using AI in an effort to proactively call—on the phone—customers with problem gambling habits. During the call, the customer is given facts on their gambling spending and the need for change is discussed. This often results in a reduction of the customer’s gaming limit.
In order to identify which customers would most benefit from a call, the company set up a study on machine learning with the BI Norwegian Business School during the spring of 2018. The researchers used a sample dataset of 1,400 customers who had received a proactive call, a random selection from the 10,000 customers who had lost the most money through gaming in the last year. That gave the team a representative data set useful for creating a model. Customer’s theoretical loss 12 weeks before the call was compared with their spending 12 weeks after the call, to see if spending had decreased or increased.
The standard procedure for machine learning was employed; the model development and the data evaluation was carried out using the automated machine learning tool called DataRobot.
“The evaluation showed that we managed to develop several models with an ability to provide rather highly accurate predictions,” Sveen wrote. “To a great extent the models were able to identify the customers who made use of the proactive calls.”
Read the source articles and material in LA Progressive, CasinoBeats and on the blog of Norsk Tipping.
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All of Bolsonaro's Men - An Explanation on how Brazil's Current Politics and why a Cabinet Meeting is now on Youtube (Part 2)

This is part 2 out of 3 explaining Brazil's current political crisis. This section is the first portion of Bolsonaro's April 22nd cabinet meeting.
This meeting was one of the last meetings attended by Sérgio Moro. This was a full cabinet meeting, held April 22nd in the Presidential Palace. I will first highlight some key things said, and then make a small analysis of what this means. Translation is mine. I have abridged a few transcriptions. Bolsonaro is fully translated, but the ministers are not, as some of the topics held in the meeting are not directly related to the current investigation.
The first topic of the meeting was the creation of a recovery plan, the Pró-Brasil. First minister to talk is Paulo Guedes.
"The government is broke! In all levels. Cities, governors, and the federal government. What did we do? We signalled the opposite. We deleveraged public banks, reduced debts, lowered interest rates, and Brazil was about to recover. So if we launch a public investment process is the same talking point as always, "reduce regional inequality" Paulo Guedes follows the Chicago school of economic thought, and has supported reductions in Brazilian government spending as much as possible, being one of the forces behind Brazil's new pension plan. "It looks good on paper, but it's the same thing Lula and Dilma had been doing. If we want to end like them, we do this". This is followed by some more detailed breakdowns of government investments, and Guedes defending how the government can't spend to leave the Corona recession, but it also has to help the previous economy recover.
Jair Bolsonaro then criticizes the media, and how they twist his words to make his aides disagree and fight. Mainstream media criticism has been a key point of Bolsonaro's government.
Onyx Lorenzoni, Bolsonaro's chief of staff adds that they received 36 government projects that were mid construction and halted under Dilma's PAC, an infrastructure growth program under Dilma and Lula that supported additional government spending to trigger economic growth. This additional spending is considered to be one of the factors that resulted in the 2014 recession. Lorenzoni adds some more comments on how the government has been looking for foreign investment lately. "We are having to deal with something very serious, which is a disease, which has been brought to history because it serves the interest of many which I won't be mentioning here".
Ricardo Salles (Minister of the Environment) "We have the unique possibility right now that the media is focused almost exclusively on COVID [...] So for this there has to be a group effort while we have a tranquility in media coverage, as they only talk about Covid, and pass the entire cattle changing the rulings and simplifying regulations. Of the IPHAN (National Heritage), of the Agricultural Ministry, of the Environmental Ministry. Now is the time to unite efforts to get a quick move and simplify regulations in all aspects."
Bolsonaro soon after follows up (emphasis mine): "The disaster that's coming up, I think Guedes is being nice, huh Guedes? I'm no economist. It's going to be hit bigger than even you can only imagine. It's not only the informals. I think we already hit ten million jobs, all gone. And the state governments don't have how to pay salary for the guys. May, half of the states don't ha.. won't be able to pay salaries again. The disaster is there. They will try to push this shit onto us, these people right next to us will try to push it, and we will react because it's not an infinite bag. Ok? So this worry we will need to have. At the same time there's the BAR association, annoying the Supreme Court to open my impeachment because I didn't present my virus exam, all this bullshit, which everybody has to be paying attention.
It's not only taking care of your ministry in these questions we are talking about, it's talking about the political issues also. All right? So ... this is what we should be worried about, as the fight for power continues. At full steam. No neurosis by my side, ok? The field is fertile for a ... some pieces of shit to show up, huh? Raising the flag of ... of ... of the people by my side, it costs nothing. And the fertile terrain is this, unemployment, chaos, misery, social disorder and other things. This is the worry, all should have it, huh? None of this "all good?", the ministry earns money, "shit happened?", on the president's lap. It can't be like that. Today I saw Magno Malta defending me. Magno Malta, I'm sorry, was treated a long time ago to be the vice president. Later he decided not to be, all right. Later he got contact to be minister, all right.
Não politically he never attacked me, and always is defending with the problems he has. So he is not the minister to open his chest, challenge, enter the lions' lair, but he can't, huh? For example, when we talk about a possible impeachment, action in the Supreme Court, based on watermarks, I'll go in any part of national territory and that's it! The day it's prohibited to go ... anywhere of Brasil, by the Supreme Court, there goes the term. I hope they don't decide, or he, right? Monocratically, wanting to take certain measures because from there we will have a ... a true political crisis. And I won't keep my tail between my legs. That's it ... zero, zero, all right? Because if I'm wrong, they ever find a connection of mine with a construction company, Swiss bank account, I'll take the beating with no issue. It goes to impeachment, it leaves. Now with bullshit, no!
On top of what I said, in front of the Apache Fort. I am the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. Full stop. The people were there, I went there. Army day. And said something I don't think is a big deal. The repercussion is huge. "Look, the AI-5" (the AI-5 was a decree by the military government that closed the Congress in 1968) Where's the AI-5? En ... nded (sic) with the ... the AI-5 doesn't exis (sic) ... there is no more institutional act in Brasil anymore. Some bullshit. Article one, four, two. It's people who can't interpret the Constitution. Now over that make a wave? "Let's listen to Congressmen, businessmen", whatever it is. Now when Congress does there a tribute to Che Guevara, Mao Zedong, and whatever, it's not a problem. When the Communist Party does a convention and praises Fidel, between others, it's no big issue. When a poor person raises an AI-5 sign, that I don't give a shit, because there isn't ... there isn't AI-5. There isn't. Article one, four, two: we want to follow articles one, four, two, everybody wants to follow articles one, four, two. (The article 142 of the Brazilian Constitution establishes the military for national defense)
And given necessity, all the powers, can, right? Ask the armed forces to intervene to reestablish order in Brazil, that place with no issues. Now all of them, huh? You need to worry with the political issue, and of who's right, take your head out of the whole, fuck! It's not just staying inside the whole all the time, no! "All right, I'm taking care of my image, the image is here, I am looking good, and fuck the rest" No! You have to do your part. So this is what I try, I hav ... ha ... have to talk to you, as after a certain momento, where it gets to th ... the ... the ... mind of these people, it's hard to go back, then they want a crisis, it's a crisis. I have no love for this ... for this ... for this term the ... for ... for ... the President's chair. Ne ne ... zero, zero! I'm not provoking nobody. This is how the defense makes a good defense note saying it will follow the constitution, liberty, and co ... ten! And it won't take an attack, ten! Won't take a defensive move from the guys, fuck!
You're going to have some crazy guys, they know who they are, they will be in the fervor of "Oh, oh the president is irresponsible, he is crazy, he commits genocide". It's not like that. Don't go ... what works for one side works for the other, what doesn't work for one side, doesn't work for the other. This is what we should be worried about. With what we have here, the Pró-Brasil, but also with the political question. If we start talking with confidence, and there's pe ... lots of people who speak better than me, and know more than me, have the talk, fuck! Discreetly, but they have to talk, not to let the temperature rise, as it's only punches all the time up on me. And continue going anywhere of Brasil and full stop, that's my problem. All right? If I don't have the right to come and go. Mayor from the end of the world, a jaguapoca (dog with no breed) of a mayor says to arrest. The Justice has to position ... to position itself about this, fuck! Has to position itself, openly! We don't admit arrests from mayor, it's the decree!
You have to talk, not stay in silence. And who is right here, all the ministers have to say this, not only Justice. All have to say. Not staying, leaving the BO (police report) ... sail on isn't it ... and we'll go ahead. Ok? This is all I ask you, fuck. This worry. Wake up to politics and expose yourselves, after all, the government is only one. And if I fall, everybody does. Now come on ... if I have to fall one day, we'll fall fighting, a fair fight. Not for some bullshit of ... of ... of exam of ... antivirus, fuck. For the love of God, fuck. Ok? Even I ... to leave this clear, from some eight years from now, when I asked for specialized pharmacies any medicine I asked the doctor "Use a fake name", because if my name goes there, as it was, always was a known guys, isn't it, there are three four that are going to make the medicine, they can poison me, fuck! It's the same thing with the virus question, among others. According to interest, the guy either tests negative or positive. After it gives a result, it goes to the countertest, but gives a problem.
And we know, all right? That we have a compromise with the truth. I'd never lie if I didn't really have a negative test. I'd never lie that my negative was positive or vice-versa. Never. The truth above all. So it's an appeal I make to all, to worry about politics, so you are not surprise. I'm not going to wait until the boat starts sinking to take away the water. I'm taking away the water, and will continue taking water from all ministries if it's required. The person has to understand. If you don't want to understand, ok then, fuck! I have the power, and will interfere in all ministries, no exceptions. With the bank I speak with Paulo Guedes, if I have to interfere. Never had a problem with him, zero problems with Paulo Guedes. Now the rest of you, I will! I can't be surprised by news. Fuck, I have the Federal Police that doesn't give me information.
I have the intelligence of the Armed Forces that I don't have the informations. ABIN has problems, I have some informations. I don't have more because it's missing, really, we have problems, fuck! Equipment, etc. But we can't live without information. Without info ... co ... who never stayed behind of ... of ... of ... of ... of ... of ... of ... of the door listening what your son or daughter is ... talking about. You need to check and ... later she's pregnant, no using talking to her anymore. Need to check before ... after the kid filled his brains with ... with drugs, there's no use talking with him, that's it. Information is like that. I was watching studying on the weekend here how is the Chinese service, secret, works in the US. What's our worry here? [Redacted] It's simple, "Ah, just don't talk publicly". Who should I speak about it? Everybody sees what's happening. [Redacted] All right, ok? [Redacted] You get from the [redacted] fuck, of [redacted] you don't get.
It's a reality. No need to hide more, cover the sun with a sieve, right? There's, isn't it ... then go ... in some ministries there's their people, inside here, right? So we don't want to fight with [redacted], zero fights with [redacted] (note: the female article here strongly implies China). Do we need them to sell? Yes. They also need us. Because if they didn't they wouldn't be buying our soy. They need it. It's a business, fuck. And we need to ally with who has ... some affinity with us. So we can do ... make worth our will at the moment. No need to hide here, then after there's a problem, you call your uncle, "the Uncle". I'll say "Fuck man, you ignored me all the way to today!". You didn't only call me an imperialist, like the "esquerdalha" (a pejorative term for the left wing) and FHC (Fernando Henrique Cardoso, former president) used to say in the past, the rest ... now there's nowhere to go. So this is the worry we need to have. The strategic question, which we aren't having. And I'm sorry, our information service, all, it's a ... they are a shame, a shame! I'm not informed!
You can't work like this, it gets hard. That's why, I'll interfere! Full stop, fuck! Not a threat, not a ... an extrapolation by my part. It's a truth. Like I said, right? Gave you sirs the ministries. The veto power. It all changed. It has to changed, fuck. And I want, it's really, it's govern Brazil. It's not the problem of all of the ones here, as Marinho said, right? It's the same boat, the same boat. If anybody digs the fu ... digs the basement here, we will, we will all go into the bag, we will all drown. So this ... this is what we need, think ahead of what to do internally here. When INMETRO (certification agency) I talked to Paulo Guedes. A, sorry for the language, a whorehouse! INMETRO is a whorehoue! Switching tachographs, taximeters, putting chips on the fuel pumps, a whorehouse! Just like the three pin plug. It's very good there now. The media beat the shit. "Ah, put in a colonel". Colonel is formed by IME (Military Institute of Technology). Wouldn't put in a colonel without a ... without a degree, ok?
[...] The question of the armament, right? The questions of ... but why? Wait there! Minister of Justi ... Mr. Minister of Justice, please. It was decided some time ago you couldn't handcuff almost nobody. Why are they handcuffing the working citizen, the woman in a park, and the Justice does nothing?
You have the speak, fuck! How long will you be quiet? Or do I have to continue exposing myself? You have to speak, get out, pressure them! Can't handcuff, decision of the Supreme Court. And we will stay quiet until when? Keep humiliating our people, why? This is growing. People kep pointing at me, "voted for you to do something!", "voted on you because you have to take decision, for you to fight!". And it's true. I don't give a shit about the reelection. What I want the most is some gets re ... someone is elected, if I'm coming as a candidate, ok? So I can bring ... I want to have peace in Brazil, nothing else. Because if its the left, me and a bunch of you will have to leave the country because you will be arrested. I am sure they will arrest me for homophobia, eight years for homophobia. Then they make up some racism, like they did for (Abraham) Weintraub. Sorry, sorry for the ... the rant: puta que o pariu (literally translates to the bitch that birthed you, basically the strongest swear words)! Weintraub could've said the biggest shit in the world, but racist? We'll have to react people, it's another fight.
We need to be a government with ... with activity. Expose yourselves, show that we have the people on our side. That we follow the people. What we really want, as it's said, if I'm not mistaken, Thatcher, right? Or Reagan, I'm not sure? So we ... it has to be conducted by the Brazilian public, and that's it. Where the people is, we'll be together. I didn't invite anybody to go to the front if the ... the ... the Apache Fort, nobody, zero! I was in my sons house, found out: "Go there!" The media is now talking that, I don't know, that two military ministers didn't accept my invitation. The day that ... either I invite the minister to a barbecue at my house or I'll pay a mission!
Bolsonaro is interrupted, but then resumes speaking
Ok? I don't know, ok? Or I'll pay a mission. If the mission is absurd, the minister says "hey, goodbye, I'm out," all right? Or he goes and gets pissed, but go, fuck! And I'll never pay a shit mission for whoever it is, not even in the military base I would do that to a recruit, not even in the military base, all right? Not even imagining our relationship here which is very good, it's ... going towards that line.
We're not panicking, we are fine. We are not accused of swindling money, of corruption, nothing. In th ... nothing, all clear! We have problems up ahead. We'll try to solve it, like I have talked to various ministers. And we'll solve it because the future of Brazil is at the hand of this privileged group here. And I would be nothing without you. You wouldn't be ministers without ... without me ... I doubt it! Hardly anybody would be minister if there was a Haddad here. I doubt it! Could accept for a few days, right? Later see the bullshit it would be, wouldn't be any different than the two previous year of PT, right? Would ask to leave. So an appeal to you, everybody worry about the future of Brazil, with the political question, criticise an act of a person or another isn't ... it's not to criticise the Supreme Court. It's ... it's a ... who doesn't stay ... who doesn't stay became revo .... saw Moro become revolted ... with the liberty these people have. Because of a ... a ... a virus, they let rapists go free.
Imagine if they were raping a daughter of our, a son of a bitch like this be set free. Now we have to put ourselves in those person's shows, of the father who had the daughter raped, and the ... the fucker was set free. With a decision, fuck whoever it is, have to go hard on top ... hard on top of that. It's not rant, folks. It's a reality. Our boat is leaving, but we don't know yet, at the moment given the last case, thi... virus, where our boat is going. Can be heading towards an iceberg. We'll go down. So let's pay attention, let's worry. Who can do it right, make yourself present, with good language, alright? But have a position! Because everything can't, everything, come for my ass, all right? You have to get beaten together with me, logically when there's a reason to get beaten or a reason to fight.
Braga Netto explains the following speakers, and Sérgio Moro speaks
Moro: No, it's ... well ... first the question of the plan that was there presented, make my compliments registered. Certainly it has details that have to be filled in, there are the economic questions to be resolved at the Ministry of Economics, to be worked together with other economic areas. And ... just would give a suggestion, minister, if you could put in since early in some part of the plan, some reference important also about ... the public safety and ... control of corruption. They were two central themes, right? In the last elections.
Yeah ... they are two themes that, although, obviously, the plan will be subjected there to ... the necessary detailing, but it's important ... to have a benchmark so it seems we aren't moving away from these specific aspects.
Braga Netto and Moro discuss a bit more on whether or not details are on the meetings scope
Moro: You have to point out that also ... what was a victory of the government, the president, last year was a noticeable fall in main crime indexes. Although this might be more tied into the question of life and safety of people, it's also a key factory for economic investment, to attract, improve, the economic environment. And the control of corruption is assumed, right? So I'd do, there ... exclusively this specific suggestion.
Gustavo Montezano (head of the State Development Bank is introduced and starts speaking)
Gustavo Montezano: He begins by saying there needs to be an emphasis on the importance to focus on the reconstruction, as advised by Paulo Guedes. "One of the ... the critical parts is this legislation, or operation of the public machine. It's a very opportune moment for us to make use of this, and this makes a big difference of the price of a project, the speed, it's a big difference. So here I subscribe to what Minister Salles said." He follows up by explaining the restructuring of BNDES from a focus in loans to investments.
Nélson Teich (Health Minister) is introduced, I will put it entirely as it explains Brazil's COVID policy
Teich: He begins by mentioning how controlling the disease is key, as if you're not able to control it, fear will impede economic recovery. "And controlling the disease doesn't mean we'll cure it in a week, but that we're not a lost boat and that we have a strategy to work with this disease, right? So there are three things that we will work. First the information, to understand what is the disease, what's the evolution, how's the infrastructure to treat it because o ... o ... o ... one of the great issues we have today, if you look at Brazil today, it's one of the best countries in relation to mortality (as of May 23rd, Brazil has a CFR of 13%, with around 130k recovered). What's scary is when you see that the hospital can't take in patients, it's the morgue workers, it's that we're opening graves anywhere to bury, and this brings fear. And the fear impedes any other activity from having success. Because as long as this isn't solved, the rest will have no chance of being bought into by society. The next thing is to structure the care operations. So we will invest in logistics, invest in the purchasing process, and try to improve it.
Why? Because I have hospitals working, I'll have patients treated, I don't have the feeling of a crisis, the fear improves and the rest can come in. And the third thing we need to keep clear is a process to leave the isolation, the distancing. Not that it will end tomorrow, but we need to have a plan. Then we can show that the ... situation is under control. It may take a little, but we are controlling this process, that we are not a lost boat. So basically what I wanted to s ... say to you is that this is the method that we will treat and will ... we are going to be interacting with all ministries that will be necessary for this to happen in the quickest way possible. Basically it's that and it's a pleasure being here with you.
Bolsonaro: Yesterday I called the head of the Brazilian Highway Patrol. I found out, a note, from him, about the passing of a patrolman. And he insisted that it was COVID-19, I called him
"Please, what else? He was obese, it was that, was it" well, had, how do you call it? (asks Braga Netto about)
Braga Netto: Comorbidities
Bolsonaro: Comorbidities. But in his statement it only put out COVID-19. So let's alert the responsible, of the respective ministry, you can put COVID-19, but then put that he had fibrosis ... lots of things, I don't understand that stuff. There was a bunch of stuff there exactly not to bring fear to the population. Because we look, died an Army sergeant, for exemplo. On first look it's a healthy guy, right? A federal policeman, right? Whatever it is, this can't happen. So we ask for this care with the coworkers, right? At whoever is responsible, to the respective ministry, there someone in charge of that, right? To take this care to not bring fear to the population.
Teich and Braga Netto discuss on how long it would take to create the exit plan to the isolation
Teich: So we can speed up this process. Because in reality we are ... running against the clock. While we can't control the perception we have today that we can take care of the people, it will be hard, right? The problem of the disease is that you get a system that if you talk about efficiency, the hospitals have to be efficient. So when you talk about efficiency, you ... you go almost in the limit of care. You don't have ... you don't have spares, you don't have fat. When you get a disease that arrives, that has many people at the same time, you can't have the agility to prepare the system to take care of it. And we have an additional problem that we have to be careful, that's the following, as you have the hospitals with few ... you have many people talking about COVID, but hospitals are reducing intakes. Which means they will have financial problems. If this continues, they will have even more challenges, you will have a hospital that is in a worse state or a hospital closed.
What's happening today? Let's put it in numbers today, that we have four million people with COVID. Brazil today has two hundred and twelve million inhabitants. There are two hundred and eight million that are, that aren't, that aren't having adequate care. For you ... it's cancer, it's cardiovascular. This all is dammed, it's restringed demand. When you control COVID, the not COVID will come in strong, and you can risk a damaged structure.
Then you will only transfer the fear. What will be the fear of COVID to the fear of the not COVID. Then we have to be prepared for all that. So it's not only working the ... the short span. We have to prepare for this second stint in which this will all come together. We are doing all of this, just so you know what we are thinking of all this. Just so you can know this is all planned.
Braga Netto introduces Tarcísio Gomes, Minister of Infrastructure. He mentions using the Pró-Brasil recovery plan to invest in infrastructure, and how the money is drying up. The Central Bank has been injecting liquidity to help finish some construction projects.
Braga Netto then introduces Pedro Guimarães, head of Caixa (one of Brazil's government banks). This will be abridged
Guimarães: [...] I mean, all of those thieves, PT, PMDB, PSDB, all that thievery, twenty five percent (interest) per month. And nobody cares. [...] This morning, the people from Band (Bandeirantes, a TV channel) wanted money. The point is is this, will you or won't you give money to Band? Ah, won't give money to Band? Spent half and hour getting beaten up, but replied. And said "Look, are you at home? I have thirty thousand employees on the street. There's not deal, this bullshit of home office. I visited fifteen agencies, and you're at home?" Then they calmed down. [...] know how many people Caixa pays today? Seven million people, and everybody in home office. What bullshit is this?
Note: Band has demanded an explanation, and has said that it has not asked for no official payments. If there was a secret request of money, tell who it was and he will be fired, or else they threatened to take legal action
Guimarães: [...] Luis Lima, who swam with my father, was an Olympic athlete, had his wife and daughter of fourteen years of age arrested yesterday, in the police wagon. What the fuck is this? Sorry ... What the fuck is this? The guys goes in the wagon with his daughter. If it was me, I'd get my fifteen weapons and ... I'd give a ... I would go ... I would die. Because if my daughter went in the police wagon, I would kill or be killed. What is this? Was swimming in the ... the ... she's an Olympic athlete. You take the person, the person is swimming at fourteen years. I have a daughter that's fourteen. If my daughter goes into the police wagon either I'll kill or be killed
M (not sure who this is): Yeah, and Luiz Lima's wife didn't say she's the wife of a Federal Congressman
Guimarães: And that governor stealing
Guimarães then mentions that out of the 120 high ranking positions he purged 105. He then continues defending about how Caixa is having issues providing credit.
Guimarães: There's people from the TCU (Federal Accountability) of the emergency funds? Know what's happening? There's people there saying we give to much and people saying we give too little. We're fucked!
G continues explaining how Caixa is the one of the largest banks, and is suffering with works coming down with COVID. He continues "I told my wife: if anything happens I'll go there myself ... take a liter of hydroxychloroquine all that crap. So this way, I think we are, just the last thing, in, in a question of collective hysteria. I mean, I can have thirty thousand employees at Caixa, paying seven million today, two million on fri ... yeah, monday. Yesterday we opened 800 agencies, will open saturday, will open sunday, two hours earlier. And what does the media want? That you pay and fuck the employees. But if two die, 9 o'clock news". He goes back to the Luiz Lima case, "And then you set a rapist free?" He then thanks Moro for allowing Caixa security guards (technically federal employees) to work outside the agencies, so that they can help coordinate the lines outside.
Braga Netto introduces Ernesto Araújo, minister of foreign relations
Ernesto Araújo: [...] I'd like to mention the following, I think it's fundamental that this international dimension not be simply an adaptation of us to the international scenario, but that it takes into account the capacity Brazil has today to influence the design of a new international scenario. I am more convinced that Brazil today has the condition, the opportunity to sit in the table of the four, five, six countries that will define the new world order. [...] And this scenario is, ... I think he has to take into account the following ... we are there reviewing the last thirty years of globalization. There will be a new globalization.
What happened in these thirty years? It was a globalization blind for the theme of values, for the theme of democracy, of liberty. It was a globalization that, we are seeing now, creating a model in which the center of the international economy is in a country that isn't democratic, that doesn't respect human rights, etc, right? [...] That brings the project of, of the, the president, that's not only efficiency, economic growth, but there's liberty, the fight against corruption, the reinvention of Brazil, it's free, it's a Brazil free of these issues that we know. Thank you.
Braga Netto introduces Roberto Campos (President of the Central Bank)
Campos: I'll go back a bit here, and remind that at the end of the Dilma government the interest rate was 14.5%, short term. But the long one was 20%. And then we look at what happened and caused the interest rate that fell. [...] The rates fell up to the level of 6.5%, stabilized, had the uncertainty of the elections with the uncertainty of PT coming back, got worse, and when the market understood the pension reform was coming, was when there was space to cut rates again. [...] We have done meetings between ... meetings between the central bankers of various countries in the world, it's ... almost every week. I think there are three key points. First, there is a consensus, today, it's ... that the private world is afraid of taking risk. So, it won't ... there won't be a quick exist without the government coming in, in some way, taking risk. Because the private world is afraid to task risks due to the fear factor. [...] If you allow everybody to watch a football game tomorrow, will everybody leave their house and go?
Campos then goes explaining the fear factors, and how it has a multiplier effect to a degree.
Braga Netto then introduces Damares Alves, Minister of Human Rights, Family and Women
Damares: [...] This government has the pillar of values. [...] We received a government that didn't have data, and the data we had was false, lied. A Brazil of guesswork, a Brazil of maybe, "I think it is", "maybe yes maybe no". [...] When we went looking for traditional groups to building the fight against the coronavirus, we discovered, ministers, that we have 1.300.000 Ukrainians in Brasil and nobody every said anything about them to us. [...] We have 1.5 million gipsies and I spoke of 1.3 million. [...]
She follows up with some extra data disparities, such as rubber tappers, descendants of escaped slaves, children and elderly in care homes.
Damares: In this moment of the pandemic we see the joke of the Supreme Court bringing back abortion, and there was the question of ... are the women victim of zika will abort, and now of the coronavirus? Will they allow all that had coronavirus an abortion in Brazil? Will they allow everybody? Minister, it's filled with feminists that have a single issue that is allowing abortion. I want to remind you minister, that's arriving now, this is a pro-life government, pro-family. [...]
Follows up explaining how they are dealing with native populations and Covid
Damares: Do you know why we went there president? Because we received the news that there would be deliberate contamination in Roraima and Amazonas in natives, to kill them and blame them on Bolsonaro. I had to go there with the head of the Funai and met with generals of the region and the head the PF, so we could do a covert operation, because they had to kill more natives to say that our policy wasn't working.
Damares: So president, just to wrap up. Yeah, I'd like to say that your nervousness has a reason. There has never been so many violations of human rights in Brazil such as during this period. Fundamental rights have been violated. In our hotline there are over five thousand registries of human rights violations. But you sir have a very brave staff and minister of Human Rights. There are over five thousand proceedings and actions being made. Governors and mayors will respond to legal action.
The elderly are being arrested and thrown inside police vans in Brazil. Women thrown to the floor and being handcuffed for doing nothing ... doing nothing. We are seeing priests being fined 90 thousand reais because they were inside church with two worshippers. The greatest violation of human rights of the history of Brazil in the last thirty years of Brazil is happening right now, but we are taking action. The pandemic will pass, but governors and mayors will respond and we will ask for the arrest of governors and mayors. [...] the governor Wellington (Piauí) today, yesterday, determined that the police will be able to enter houses.
Bolsonaro asks if he signed the decree
Damares: Signed! The police will be able to enter houses without warrants. So, this way, the biggest violations are happening now. So, we are preparing, over five proceedings our ministry has taken initiative and we are asking for the arrest of a few governors.
Braga Netto introduces Marcelo Antônio, Minister of Tourism. Not much happens, with the exception of him defending the legalization of casinos, to Damares' anger. He believes it to be possible to do so with proper police work guaranteeing that it is done properly and legally.
In Damares' words "Deal with the devil"
General Mourão, vice president, invites Damares to play the roulette
Marcelo follows up with a proposal to rent hotels to isolate medical professionals and reduce exposure.
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Never try to keep up with the Joneses, especially when they’re Geologists…

That reminds me of a story.
I was out flying around the globe again, pursuing that fine filthy lucre. From the Middle East to Amsterdam then on to Moscow. Just another day in the life…
Arrived in Moscow and spent a few days being run from pillar to post looking over a certain large oil company’s assets trying to determine if it was a lost cause or if something could be salvaged from the wreckage they presented.
This was admittedly a while back, and the situation has improved greatly. I’d like to think I had a little something to do with the recovery and remediation there.
It yielded a healthy supply of contractual work as well as some fairly lucrative contracts.
Back and forth to Russia, on a fairly continual 28/28 basis. 28 days in-country, 28 days at home; rise, rinse, repeat. Often, on days off, I’d take short term contracts in the Far East on the way back, as long as I was out and about. Not only did I fly the same airlines every time, but the same flights over and again, at the same time, same airports, etc.
Suffice to say, I got to know certain flight crews, airport folks, hotel managers, and taxi drivers quite well. I was on contract door-to-door, so everything I did was compensated from the time I left my humble home until I returned. It turned me into a very good tipper; as you can get more with a kind word and $US50 than with just a kind word.
After two years of this global rebound, I am well known in every bar, pub, gin-mill and tavern from Malta to Macau to Moscow. I had also struck up friendships with many barkeeps in the airport bars along the various flight paths.
I left Moscow one bright, sunny spring day to only have the weather turn into an absolute shitstorm by the time we hit Amsterdam. It was a grim landing, but being the seasoned world traveler, I took it all in stride. If flying Aeroflot from 1987 to 1995 hadn’t killed me, I was feeling well-nigh bulletproof.
Amsterdam was in a state of ultimate chaos. I had connecting flights but knew there was no way I’d be making any of them due to the inclement weather. My bags were already checked through to my destination, so all I had was my small carry-on with the absolute essentials for survival: my two emergency flasks, box of cigars, spare lighters, beef jerky, and iPods. With that, I could hold out almost indefinitely, as long as the airport lounges remained open.
Knowing Schiphol Airport rather well, I decided to just wait out the storms, not even bothering to try and book a suite at the adjacent Hyatt Hotel. There were still flights arriving, but none going out.
It was becoming more and more a madhouse, populated with less-than-frequent flyers who we having a collective meltdown about missing their flights.
“Force Majeure, baby!” I said, tipping my tumbler towards the thundery tumult.
I decided to secure a comfortable post up on Mahogany Ridge and settle in for a long wait. I was in one of the ubiquitous geodesic drink emporia Schiphol had at the time. I was enjoying a good cigar, a cold draft Oranjeboom, and 100 ml of Russkaya on a fairly regular basis.
After a short while, a band of younger nondescript European travelers showed up and commandeered the table right behind me. It was impossible not to overhear the wailing, whining, and kvetching about the weather and how it had the temerity to disrupt their travel plans.
“Well,” I mused, “That happens. Best not to get your panties in a bunch and just try to make the best of a weird situation.”
But they were having none of that.
Sob, moan, bitch. One would think the weather was being cantankerous just to inconvenience them personally. Sorry, snowflakes, but we’re all in this together.
I ordered another round and sat back trying to decipher the Russian newspaper I liberated from Sheremetyevo International Airport earlier that morning.
For some odd reason, I became a person of interest to these whiny Europeans. Could have been the field boots, my Oilwell Firefighting jacket, Cyrillic newspaper, or the double corona cigars, I was under the cynosure of these characters from that point onward.
I ordered another round and one of the band of whiners came up and began grilling me about all manner of air travel minutiae. They mentioned I was one of the few people around not collectively losing his shit about missed connections.
“Yeah”, I replied after a healthy draught of Russkaya, “The more you travel and the older you get, the more you tolerate things that are completely out of your control.”
“OK, sure”, he replies, “But we’re going to miss our connecting flights…sob, boo hoo…”
“So?” I retort, “It’s not like your destination is going anywhere. It’ll still be there later when you do arrive all safe and sound.”
This wasn’t the answer he was looking for.
“Maybe”, he snorts back, “But we can’t just sit around the bar waiting…”
“Why not?” I ask, “Not a whole else left to do once you get enough of the airport casino. Besides, sitting and relaxing here has always worked for me. Less stress. Chill a bit, you’ll live longer.”
He harrumphs and returns to his like-minded troop of twarves.
Evidently, they saw some wisdom in my words. Every time I ordered a round of drinks, they did the same.
This was a patently bad idea.
Somehow, my advice to them was twisted and transmogrified into some sort of challenge.
One they were destined to lose.
It was like a tractor pull competition between a D10 Caterpillar dozer and a 1969 Volkswagen.
I know my limits. I’ve never met them, but I do know they exist. I also know to drink loads of water and eat something now and again during an extended delay. Besides that, being a geologist and therefore one of the planet’s few ethanol-fueled carbon-based lifeforms, hailing from Baja Canada, and one who’s spent years and years working in Russia, I was the original triple-threat. The cards were definitely not stacked in their favor.
I didn’t ask for any sort of competition, nor would I shy from one when the gauntlet is thrown down. I even went so far as to offer to buy a round or two for them when they fell behind.
I kept an eye on the departure board and noticed, some hours later, that flights were beginning to leave once again. More surprising, my flight was about to start boarding in an hour or so. Even more surprising, is that the Eurowhiners were taking the same flight.
Well, 45 minutes to go. Time for a final round.
I hear my flight being called, so I settle my tab, tip the nice bartender for all her attention, and wander off toward my flight. I stopped by the Euro table and mentioned our flight was being called, and they might want to rouse the two or three snorers as time was growing short.
I move with great deliberation. I never run, even at gunpoint. Some might even say I move somewhat slowly. Perhaps, but always with grim determination and fixity of purpose.
I was soon overtaken by the group of Europeans from the bar, and they’re tripping, sliding, and being generally annoying; perhaps due to their heroic intake of cocktails back at geodesic ground zero.
I arrive behind them and have my passport, boarding card, and ticket stub ready to present.
They did not and were making a rather noisy spectacle of having to find their pertinent papers.
I just wait and wait quietly. I fly business and know my seat will still be there no matter what. They were flying coach and being generally as raucous and disagreeable as a noisy group could muster.
They finally get aboard after a lot of bad noise, and I greet Rachel, the airline ticket-taker.
“Hello, Dr. Rock.” She greets me, “Usual seat?”
“Oh, yes. Finally. Some weather you all have here.” I comment.
“It’s been a fun 48 hours”, she relates.
I stow my gear above seat 4A in Business and settle back for the long haul flight.
I am offered, and accept, a pre-flight Vodka and Bitter Lemon; in fact, I didn’t even need to ask. Jennifer of the cabin crew recognized me. I had given her a Russian watch for her husband some rotations back and she was always appreciative.
So, we’re waiting on the last of the plane’s stragglers when a regular hullaballoo breaks out in the rear of the plane. Evidently some people were all drunk and disorderly and were now being shuttled off the aircraft.
It was my comrades from the geodesic bar. Evidently, they were a bit over the limit for the carrier and being noisy, disruptive, and generally assholes. They were asked, rather unceremoniously, to deplane.
As they were being ushered off the aircraft, they stumble through Business Class and glimpse me sitting in 4A with a healthy cocktail in my hand.
“Why are you throwing us off the plane? He’s” as they point unsteadily at me, “had more to drink than us.”
“Quite possible”, I said, “But I’m not the ones who insisted on keeping up with my progress.
Jennifer looks at the snozzled Eurotypes.
“You tried to go one and one up against Dr. Rock? My God! Let me call the ambulance for you immediately!” she said with mock alarm.
Once they were ejected from the plane and the door secured, Jennifer asked if I’d like a taxiing drink.
“Oh, yes.” I said, “This time, a double please.”
submitted by Rocknocker to Rocknocker [link] [comments] GOES TO MALTA 2019 GOES TO MALTA 2019
All Eyes On Malta
2018 proved to be a big year for Malta. Last November’s Malta AI & Blockchain Summit was graced by over 8,500 attendees that included Scott Stornetta, father of blockchain; Sophia, the world’s first robot citizen; and John McAffee, founder of the software company known all over the world that bears his name. This year, we are in for more magnanimous surprises.
What to expect?
Malta AI & Blockchain Summit is envisioned as Europe’s largest event for blockchain for all of history. The Maltese Government will ordain a fourth bill, the D.A.O — a decentralized autonomous organization that exists as a set of contracts among people that resides on the Ethereum blockchain. And will be given its own legal personality as well as give full support to businesses in Artificial Intelligence.
More than 10,000 are expected to attend the event. There would also be conferences that will be discussing primary topics like the future of Fintech and Innovation,
Leading the discussions are:
· H.E. Joseph Muscat (Malta Prime Minister),
· Silvio Schembri (Malta Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation),
· Anthony Pompliano, AKON,
· Ian Balina, Matt Greenspan, Yorick Wilks, David Orban, Miko Matsumura, Grace Rachman, Tim Draper, Virgil Griffith, and Alfio Bardolla etc.
Discussions and forums are diverse relative to the topic that cover the future of technology under the blockchain and AI space. Selected start ups are given limited time slots to pitch their concepts and services to judges. The winner will be given a business-supporting package for the year. To end the event, a charity event will be held courtesy of SiGMA Foundation. This makes the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit is your one stop-shop to explore the world of blockchain.
And there’s more! is a proud sponsor of this event as proof of continuing commitment to the blockchain space and to patrons.
For this year, will be presenting the Social Impact Award that recognizes blockchain companies with revolutionary impact on social and environmental scenarios, and which are nothing short but game changers in their respective fields.
The third edition of the summit is happening on November 7 and 8 at the Intercontinental Hotel in St Julian’s at the Blockchain Island, Malta. If you are in the area, you can visit our booth at G14 and we will make you feel like the luckiest attendee in the world courtesy of our free games and freebies.
You can learn more about the event at
Sports Betting
Casino Games
Live Casino
Developer Games
and many more.
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Provide screenshot of followed and shared social media accounts to Customer Service to get 177 LUCKY TOKENS
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  • By participating in the promotion, you agree to LUCKY.IO’s terms and conditions.
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What’s an excellent place for authentic Turkish kebab in Malta?

What’s an excellent place for authentic Turkish kebab in Malta?
Without a doubt, the kebab Factory in Qawra, Malta is rocking it.
Whether it’s a tasty shish kebab fresh from the grill or a doner kebab the Kebab Factory is a mecca for authentic kebab loving locals. The Kebab Factory serves hundreds of kebabs weekly to hungry locals and tourists.
It’s a hugely popular eaterie with rave reviews. Namely, because they serve great value entirely authentic fresh kebabs in a clean environment with excellent friendly service.
They have a fantastic salad bar with almost 20 different types of salad. The perfect complement to a first-class kebab. The salad bar in itself, with couscous, rice, potato salad, aubergine salad, shepherd’s salad is ideal for healthy eaters and veggies. Plant-based eaters can also grab halloumi or falafel in a wrap.
The Kebab Factory is more than just a kebab takeaway. It’s also a modern and stylish restaurant with full table service.
If you have the time, then why not stay and enjoy being waited on. There’s a full selection of alcoholic beverages, wines, beers, soft drinks, and coffees. If you’re thinking of enjoying a dining experience, then I recommend ordering a shish kebab freshly cooked on the charcoal grill.
And after your meal, why not try one of the cakes, ice creams, or traditional baklava they have to offer after your meal.
This charming eaterie is situated to the north of the island in St Pauls Bay which is a real tourist hotspot. There’s also outside seating so you can enjoy an al fresco dining experience should you choose. From there, you can check out the sights and sounds of Qawra.

So what is there to do and see in Qawra, Malta?

Qawra is a village on the Northern coastline of Malta and somewhat blends into the next village of Bugibba. It’s an ideal destination if you’re looking for a peaceful holiday rather than a livelier getaway. That being said, it does have a nightclub which is also a lido! The Cafe Del Mar is a lido during the day and is a popular place to enjoy relaxing drinks by the infinity pool. And in the evening they have parties.
Caption - Enjoy a relaxing day at the Cafe Del Mar infinity pool
Alternatively, you can check out the water park in nearby Bugibba or rent deck chairs along the Ta` Fra Ben beach. It’s also an excellent place for snorkeling.
Malta, being an ex-British colony, there is definitely an English and Irish feel to some of the pubs and bars. Or you can also chill out at the Ta` Fra Ben Reggae Bar.
There are quite a few things to do if you don’t want to sunbathe all day or to check out in the evening. There’s a cinema in Bugibba as well as a casino.
You’ll also find the Salina National Park and Kennedy Grove and a bird park and aquarium to visit. Car enthusiasts can also check out the vintage cars at the nearby Malta Classic Car Collection. Regardless of the notorious bad Maltese driving and tiny windy roads, you’ll still see proud owners taking their vintage cars for a gentle spin around Malta.
There are several hotels in this tourist area of sunny Malta. The dB San Antonio is a 4-star hotel with a spa for a more upmarket holiday. More budget-friendly options include the AX Seashells Resort at Suncrest and the Parklane Boutique Aparthotel. But there are lots of family-friendly 3 and 4-star hotels to choose from at reasonable prices, including the Qawra Palace Hotel.
Qawra stretches out almost 2½miles along the coast past Buggiba and ends at St Pauls Bay. All in all, Qawra represents great value for money and is ideal for couples and families. While it’s not jam-packed, there’s enough to do to keep occupied. It has excellent transport links to other parts of Malta. You can grab a taxi, drive or hop on a bus at the nearby Bugibba bus terminal. From the airport, Qawar is around a half-hour taxi or shuttle away.
If you decide to make Qawa your next holiday destination, be sure to pop into the Kebab Factory to sample the best authentic Turkish kebab on the island.
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December 1971

1: Cambodian Civil War - Khmer Rouge rebels intensify assaults on Cambodian government positions, forcing their retreat from Kompong Thmar and nearby Ba Ray, 10 kilometers northeast of Phnom Penh.
2: Six of the seven Trucial States combine in an act of union to found the United Arab Emirates / The Soviet Mars 3 lander reaches the surface of Mars, transmits for a few seconds and then goes silent. It is the first spacecraft to reach the planet.
3: The Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 begins with Operation Chengiz Khan as Pakistan launches preemptive attacks on nine Indian airbases. The next day India launches a massive invasion of East Pakistan.
3–4: The Pakistani submarine PNS Ghazi (former USS Diablo) sinks mysteriously near the Indian coast while laying mines.
4: The Montreux Casino burns down during a Frank Zappa concert (the event is memorialized in the Deep Purple song "Smoke on the Water"). The casino is rebuilt in 1975 / The McGurk's Bar bombing by the Ulster Volunteer Force in Belfast kills 15.
7: Battle of Sylhet rages between the Pakistani military and the Mukti Bahini.
8: U.S. President Richard Nixon orders the 7th Fleet to move towards the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean.
10: The John Sinclair Freedom Rally in support of the imprisoned activist features a performance by John Lennon at Crisler Arena, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
11: Nihat Erim forms the new government of Turkey (34th government; Nihat Erim has served two times as prime minister).
16: Victory Day of Bangladesh - The Pakistan Army in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) surrenders to the joint forces of India and the Bengali nationalist separatists, ending the Bangladesh Liberation War.
18: The U.S. dollar is devalued for the second time in history / The world's largest hydroelectric plant in Krasnoyarsk, Soviet Union, begins operations.
19: Intelsat IV (F3) is launched; it enters commercial service over the Atlantic Ocean February 18, 1972 / The controversial dystopian crime film A Clockwork Orange, directed by Stanley Kubrick is released in New York City.
20: Two groups of French doctors involved in humanitarian aid merge to form Médecins Sans Frontières.
24: Giovanni Leone is elected President of the Italian Republic / Juliane Koepcke survives a fall of 10,000 feet following disintegration of LANSA Flight 508.
25: A fire at a 22-story hotel in Seoul, South Korea kills 158 people.
29: The United Kingdom gives up its military bases in Malta.
30: The first McDonald's in Australia opens in Yagoona, Sydney.
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Man Who Posed as Saudi Prince and Defrauded Investors Out of $8 Million Is Sent to Prison

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 79%. (I'm a bot)
On Friday, the man, Anthony Gignac, 48, was sentenced to more than 18 years in prison for posing as a member of the Saudi royal family and pulling off one scam after another, culminating in a scheme to defraud dozens of investors out of more than $8 million - money that prosecutors said was used "To finance his lavish lifestyle."
"Over the course of the last three decades, Anthony Gignac has portrayed himself as a Saudi Prince in order to manipulate, victimize, and scam countless investors from around the world," Ariana Fajardo Orshan, the United States attorney for the Southern District of Florida, said in a statement.
Prosecutors said Mr. Gignac's long con began after he moved to California in 1987, where he obtained a state ID card in the name of Khalid al-Saud.
Mr. Gignac claimed at his 2007 sentencing that he began having sex with male members of the Saudi royal family at the age of 17.
Prosecutors said Mr. Gignac used his royal persona to lure investors into nonexistent ventures around the world, including a pharmaceutical company in Ireland and a casino in Malta.
The scheme began to unravel in March 2017, when Mr. Gignac set out to buy a luxury hotel in Miami, prosecutors said.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: Gignac#1 Saudi#2 prosecutors#3 Prince#4 royal#5
Post found in /news and /betternews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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Things to Do This Week in Phoenix (December 11 - December 17)

Week of: December 11 - December 17
This is a weekly thread of things going on in and around the Phoenix metro area. All types of events are welcome, including focused events for different interest groups, kid friendly, etc.
Please visit the UPDATED FAQ for Weekly Events
Comment with your event below and I'll add it to the list. Thanks!
Before you attend, please inquire to make sure the event is taking place.
Looking for the other things to do? Check out the FAQ for more suggestions
Feel free to add your own events below. Just list where in the Valley it happens, a cost if there is one, and who might find it interesting. Please also indicate if the event happens each week. People may be interested in trying something new but not know what is expected to get involved.
Please upvote people who share good/interesting events, even if it may not be something you will attend.
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Irish Mafia from Hell

The Irish Mafia are a powerful organized global crime group which have authority over the Aryan Brotherhood. Prince Stefano Massimo of Rome is the primary owner and authority over the Aryan Nazi groups and Irish Mafia and he resides in London. The Massimo family have a covert Irish branch known as the Massy family which are Barons of Duntrileague in Limerick Dublin, Ireland with Baron David Harmon Somerset Massy and John Hugh Somerset Massy as the heads. The Irish Mafia of Ireland operate in Limerick today and the Massy family are part owners. The Aryan Brotherhood incorporates a clover for its logo which is also an Irish symbol. The House of Windsor have connections with the Nazis with King Edward VIII visiting Adolf Hitler and receiving full Nazi salutes. Prince Philip's family was also tied with the Nazis during WWII. Prince Harry's personal coat of arms includes the Irish harp also used on the coat of arms of Ireland. Prince Harry has been given a portion of authority over the Irish Mafia and Aryan Brotherhood. Prince Harry publically dressed up as a Nazi. James Hewitt is from Northern Ireland and had an affair with Princess Diana. Many believe he is Prince Harry's real father and they do share a close resemblance. The Irish Republican Army or IRA also supported the Nazis and attempted to make an alliance with them. The IRA worked with the German and Nazi intelligence agency known as the Abwehr. Both the Nazis and the IRA are militant fascist groups. The IRA allied with the Palestine Liberation Organization or PLO in an attempt to take over Jerusalem. The PLO is mixed in with Hamas a Nazi influenced group going back to Amin al-Husseini's alliance with Hitler. Walter Guinness, 1st Baron Moyne of Dublin was assassinated by Lehi for supporting an Arab controlled Palestine. The IRA and Irish Mafia have been linked together numerous times including with Whitey Bulger. Christy Kinahan and Jay O'Connor are high level international Irish mafia bosses and are extremely murderous. The Kinahan Gang appears to be allied with the Winter Hill Gang in Boston. Its reported that Christy Kinahan lives in Dubai and is worth over a billion.
The Irish Mafia in the United States have seniority over the Aryan Brotherhood as the oldest recognized criminal organization. The Irish mob has mostly evolved into white collar crime. The remaining Irish mobsters are the strong arm and the Aryan Brotherhood are their street soldiers. The Irish Earls of Winterton oversees the Winter Hill Gang of Boston, Massachusetts. Howie Winter was a co-founder and second boss of the Winter Hill Gang. The Winter Hill Gang infiltrated the FBI with agent John Connolly who was convicted of racketeering and murder. John Connolly is married to Elizabeth Moore a former FBI employee. The Winter Hill Gang takes its name from Winter Hill in Somerville, Massachusetts which takes its name from Irish settlers that took the name Winter as immigrants from the Galway region governed by the Earls of Winterton. The well known Whitey Bulger was a boss of the Winter Hill Gang and he still has some command from prison today. They use imprisoned mob bosses to run their criminal organizations for their attempt at a societal takeover with imprisoned bosses having the incentive of getting out of prison. Whitey Bulger is extremely evil and ruthless. George Hogan appears to be the still acting boss of the Winter Hill Gang which works with the Massimo and Bourbon-Two Sicilies owned Patriarca crime family of Boston which have their billionaire investor James Pallotta as a co-owner of the Boston Celtics. Donald David Turnour, 8th Earl Winterton, Robert Charles Turnour, Murray John Turnour, and Jonathan Winterton Behan Turnour are current members of the Irish Winterton Peerage. Louis Moore Bacon is of Irish nobility and a billionaire investor that owns Moore Capital Management. He is involved in international money laundering and pay offs for the Kinahan crime syndicate and their North American associates. Moore Capital Management was involved in manipulating settlement prices and insider trading. Investments in fake start up companies are ways they make criminal pay offs and it just looks like bad investments.
The Westies Mafia are still active today and headquartered in Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan. They have a money laundering operation in Atlantic City at Harrah's hotel and casino. John Bokun as an acting boss today. John Bokun was caught transporting large amounts of marijuana through his private jet several years ago. This however does not depict the real nature of John Bokun. He is extremely oppressive and a top enforcer. The name Bokun means to bend. John Bokun's job is getting members of the secret societies to bend into submission. John Bokun is a serious threat to all American people. He is extremely arrogant, oppressive, and murderous. Hell's Kitchen produces some really hellish criminals. There are also several secret societies in Irish Universities known as the Hell Fire Club which were originally headquartered at Montpelier Hill formerly owned by the Massy family. The Westies are being overseen by the Earls of Westmeath also in Galway with William Anthony Nugent and his son Sean Charles Weston Nugent as the heads. The Lyttelton family of Ireland have also been involved with the Westies. They held the titles of Earls of Westcote. The West End Gang is a powerful Irish Mafia in Canada allied with the Westies. The ruthless billionaire John Grayken is from Boston and owns Lone Star Funds which is used for making covert criminal pay offs. Boston is Winter Hill Gang territory. John Grayken moved to Ireland and lives at the former Guinness estate known as Pyrford Court. Pyr means fire similar to the Hell Fire secret society and Hells Kitchen. I believe there is a Hell Fire secret society at the Jesuit Boston College. The Irish mafia and their associates are the most torturous, murderous, and terroristic group on the planet. They are completely hellish and destructive.
The FitzGerald family are Irish royalty and the top Irish peerage today. They are the highest authority in Ireland. They are loyal to the Vatican and the Black Nobility and work with British nobility. Current members include Baron Adrian FitzGerald who is a Knight of Malta and the former President of the Irish Association of the Order of Malta. The head of the FitzGerald family is Duke Maurice FitzGerald of Leinster and his nephews Hermione FitzGerald and Edward FitzGerald are next in line for the title. The Kennedy family married in with the FitzGerald family with the Knight of Malta Joseph Kennedy marrying the Vatican Countess Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald. The Kennedy family were and are closely connected with the mafia with Sam Giancana as a friend of Joseph Kennedy and Frank Sinatra friends with JFK. Carlos Gambino's daughter Phyllis Gambino-Sinatra married in with the Sinatra family. The corrupt Edward Kennedy Jr. is a politician and lawyer and a top member of the Kennedy family today. Joe Kennedy III is presently a politician as well. The Kennedy family are a top political dynasty in the United States and deeply connected with the Vatican and Knights of Malta as well as ties with the Irish and Italian mafias. Mafias are used to blackmail and intimidate politicians into carrying out the Black Nobility's agenda. The FitzGerald Earls of Desmond ruled in Rathkeale, Ireland where they built a fortress. The FitzGerald's of Desmond have some ownership over the Rathkeale Mafia which are an international Irish crime syndicate consisting of Irish Travelers and are believed to be one of the wealthiest mafias in the world. They are involved in high end thefts and target museums and auction houses. Mafias often run rackets at race tracks to fix their bets. J. P. McManus is a wealthy businessman from Ireland that has won millions gambling at racetracks in the US. McManus has done shady business deals that were investigated with Dermot Desmond who is an Irish billionaire and banker that covertly works for the FitzGerald's royal household.
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New Fulford

The good guys are continuing to win the secret battle for the planet earth in a big way, multiple sources confirm. As things now stand, there will be a new wave of mass arrests in August, official government disclosure about 9/11 in September, and some sort of “major economic announcement in October,” Pentagon sources claim.
Behind the scenes, meetings involving the Knights of Malta, Russian FSB officials, Asian secret societies, and others are preparing the way for an economic announcement that could well be a genuine jubilee accompanied by a new financial system, according to sources involved in the negotiations. Since the negotiations are ongoing, the details have yet to be hammered out, but a general consensus does exist, the sources say.
The key may be U.S. President Donald Trump’s imminent takeover of the Supreme Court, which would pave the way for war crimes trials and the legal recognition of a new financial system when it convenes in October, Pentagon sources say.
On that front, the “battle rages, as Trump’s super-elite stopped Bush operative Brett Kavanaugh and may succeed in getting a woman or an Indian [Native American] nominated,” the sources say.
The situation has reached the point where The New York Times has actually called for “Godfather” tactics and armed rebellion because Trump and his backers were poised to take over control of the Supreme Court.
Do not be surprised if military police soon occupy that treasonous paper’s offices. Since they have consistently, and criminally, suppressed the truth about the murder of 3,000 New Yorkers on September 11, 2001, such a move would be long overdue.
We also have former U.S. Defense Secretary (and traitor) Leon Panetta saying European leaders “are scared to death” that U.S. troops will be pulled out of Europe.
They should be scared to death, since they are mostly war criminals who would have already been jailed and possibly even executed if the U.S. military were not protecting them.
The corporate press is also now following this newsletter (remember, you read it here first) in reporting that NATO and the post-war system are in mortal danger. We have Bloomberg reporting that embattled German Chancellor Angela Merkel is resolved “to fight for the survival of post-World War II global institutions.”
We also have the Khazarian whore, court bard Bono warning hundreds of UN officials that the United Nations, the EU, NATO, and the Group of Seven are “under attack.”
They are under attack, because their leadership has been plotting to murder 90% of humanity, and their incompetence is leading to the largest destruction of life on the planet since the dinosaurs were wiped out 65 million years ago.
Of course, as usual the Khazarian mafia is trying to murder, lie, and bribe in order to stay in power. The latest casualty was Chinese HNA Group chairman Wang Jian, who news reports claim “fell to his death after posing for a photo in France,” last week.
Mossad sources say it was “no accident” and that he was “taken out, as he was about to testify in a closed hearing regarding… …Deutsche Bank’s yet-to-be-revealed improprieties, possibly enough to have finished off the bank. It is known in certain circles that Hilton Hotels is a global laundry service for dark money. Wang’s family was given a gag order.”
“As you know, Deutsche Bank is a George H.W. Bush-Sherff Fourth Reich establishment,” a CIA source explained.
It’s likely that the death of Wang is connected to the execution in Japan last week of Tokyo subway Sarin gas attack mastermind and Aum cult guru Shoko Asahara and six of his top lieutenants, according to Japanese right-wing sources close to the Emperor.
The Japanese slave government of Shinzo Abe is terrified that the truths about the subway gas attack, as well as the Fukushima nuclear and tsunami mass-murder event, are going to be made public soon now that North Korea is cutting off its connections with the Khazarian mob, the sources say. Executing the Aum leadership prevents them from being questioned by third parties about what was really going on.
The connection with Deutsche Bank would likely have to do with the laundering of drug money. Several Japanese journalists were murdered after reporting that the Aum Shinrikyo subway gas cult was selling North Korean amphetamines to Japanese gangsters, as confirmed by sources in the Yamaguchi Gumi syndicate. Furthermore, all testimony about the Aum illegal drug business was scrapped from the decades-long Aum-related trials.
This writer was once approached by a self-described former “Aum sex slave,” who said the top hierarchy of the gas attack cult were North Korean gangsters, and that above them were “Al Qaeda-type Jews.” Aum was a front for the Unification Church of Reverend Moon that had long worked in the international narcotics and weapons business with the Nazis under Fuhrer Bush, the right-wing sources say.
Also, on the day of the subway gas attack on March 20, 1995, balloons from North Korea carrying an “unidentified liquid” landed all over Japan, bearing the message that this attack was “revenge on the 100th anniversary of the murder of Empress Myung Sung.” Myung Sung wanted close relations with Russia in order to counter Japanese attempts to colonize Korea, so the Japanese murdered her and proceeded to colonize Korea. It is also worth noting that the Aum cult had tens of thousands of Russian followers.
Overall, the situation is so complicated and involves so many people, many still in office, that a truth commission may be the only way for the world public to find out what has really been going on.
On that front, the Koreans and Japanese should note that newly elected Mexican President López Obrador is contemplating truth commissions to resolve the drug war in that country. Legalizing and regulating drugs while offering amnesty to the drug lords would deal a major blow to the Bush drug mafia. Mexico is now the latest domino to fall as the Khazarian mob loses control of country after country.
The next domino to fall could well be Brazil. There, the kleptocratic government of President Michel Temer is tottering under the weight of a 10-day trucker strike that is being supported now by oil workers. The army, for its part, has failed to follow orders to break up the strike. Anger at the looting of Brazil on behalf of foreign masters (misleadingly labeled as “privatization”) is the main reason for this strike.
“The fight is on to beat back the right, reverse economic liberalization, and open the door to the possibility of a different kind of society,” was how Alistair Farrow of the Socialist Worker News described the situation.
If the Brazilian crime regime falls, the remaining top Khazarian resistance would be the German regime of Angela Merkel, the French slave regime of President Emmanuel Macron, the slave regime of Shinzo Abe in Japan, and of course the arch-criminal and Nazi Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. Once they are taken down, it will be game over.
On this front, we need to remind readers that during his years as a businessman, every time Donald Trump went bankrupt, it was the Rothschilds who bailed him out. Last week they had a Mossad operative send this writer the following message: “Tell your friend that he is 100% spot on with his analogy pertaining to Trump and ‘The Family.’ They have been backing him not only financially but also opening difficult doors, enabling him to mingle with the elites since the Roy Cohn days. The Mossad operatives are not all evil. There are those inside who are maneuvering events in Trump’s favor and are assisting him in draining the swamp.”
They also sent the following photograph showing Trump in Tehran, Iran in 1979, where he was planning to open a casino before the Iranian revolution disrupted his plans.
What this means is that while the Khazarian oligarchy has been divided between Nazis (“war on terror” plus drug money) and the global-warmers (carbon-trading fraud), it appears a third “drain the swamp” faction is emerging. We’ll have to wait and see if they are really “the good guys.” Their actions will tell.
As things now stand, according to Pentagon sources, “The asset-backed quantum financial system is ready but awaits the Trump-Putin summit, the global currency reset, mass arrests, and geopolitical resolutions.”
The sources are also saying the quarantine on the planet earth may soon be lifted and that “Trump’s space force may have a space guard to police civilian spacefaring.” It sounds great, but only believe it when you can buy a ticket to another planet at your local travel agency.
On a final unrelated note, the following news item about spiders flying “thousands of miles using electricity” got our attention.
Years ago, a Russian researcher told me they had discovered that insects used anti-gravity. That’s why bumblebees can fly, even though current aerodynamic theory says they cannot. If insects can use anti-gravity, then we should be able to do so, too. Again, though, believe it when you can buy a flying carpet or anti-gravity scooter at your local shop.
In conclusion, all we can say for sure is that humanity is entering uncharted territory.
submitted by lightmakerflex1 to PoliticalConspiracy [link] [comments]

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